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Easy to install, the sleeves contain a powerful chemical designed to break down uric salts, limescale and bacteria, keeping urinals free from blockages as well as fragrance with a strong citrus scent. .

How do they work?

  • Unique ‘tear drops’ on the side of the cone allow urine to pass onto the active ingredient, immediately activating the cleaning and deodorising agent
  • Tapered sleeve reduces air movement and associated reactions with urine, minimising odour problems
  • The cleaner deodoriser is then transferred via the sleeve to the trap where they act on the urine preventing foul odours
  • Large anti-blockage teeth prevent large objects from entering the trap and flushpipe
  • The size of the teeth allows water to flow through the sleeve quickly and easily
  • The lower body lines the waste outlet and trap just above the water level. This feature ensures that the lining is kept clean
  • Cleaning agent helps to keep flushpipes and traps clear of uric salt and limescale

Quick and easy to service

  1. Remove existing refill
  2. Clean bowl
  3. Insert new urinal sleeve refill (We recommend that refills are replaced every three months.)
Feminine Hygiene Bins

Contemporary, easy to service feminine hygiene bins
Designed to offer quick and easy servicing, the unique range of bins are sleek in design, making them simple to wipe down without dirt traps. All products also include a robust carrying handle for easy relocation of multiple bins. The products also offer end users a comfortable, easy to use feminine hygiene solution, with a front opening flap and large wrap around pedal.


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