Arachnophobes, this article is not for you.

The spider mating season has gone past us, the spiders have left their webs indoors to find a partner. Did you know there are over 370 species of spiders in Ireland all of which can bite, luckily very few of these contain venom worthy of harming the human body.

It is said that spiders come into our homes at this time of year because when the spider population reaches its peak in autumn time along with increasing elements of winter creeping in, ultimately spiders comes inside shelter, heat and food. Autumn is mating season so male spiders are out looking for female spiders in their hiding spots. The bigger of the spiders in Ireland is the house spider and they can travel fairly quickly on their feet, often giving homeowners a scare. These little creatures, or not so little creatures do not bite or pose a threat to you or your home.

If you do encounter spiders in your home and you want to eradicate them, the simplest solution is to cover them with a glass and slide a thin piece of card under the glass and carry the unwanted guest outside safely and hope they do not return to your home.

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