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Covid-19 isolation measures have abruptly changed ways of working here at Pest-A-Tac Ltd. The rapid shift to remote working is cause for significant anxiety amongst our workforce here at Pest-A-Tac Ltd.

It is going to put our company cultures and policies to the test. We are an enterprise that embraces change, recognises the new challenges facing employees and encourages them to take the initiative, do things differently and more efficiently on a daily basis, so Covid-19 should and will be taken in its stride here at Pest-A-Tac Ltd, Management here at Pest-A-Tac Ltd support this shift, easing the transition and driving productivity. Workplace culture is typically defined by several factors including organisational structures and management practises, employee lifecycle processes, company policies, the type of people that are employed in our business and the way we interact, the company’s mission, vision and ensure business continuity. But remote working means a lot of change for our employees.

Key elements of the work culture need adapting too, it requires a huge effort by management and employees. An effort that reaches across the tools and technology that now need to be used in communication policies, ways of interacting and measuring performance. Employees will need to get to grips with new technology and new ways of working in a home environment where they may need to deal with several distractions with conflicting responsibilities. For example, kids’ home from school. Alongside the personal adjustments, their working style, habits and behaviour’s will also need to be adapted. Retaining or adapting to a personal work structure and routine will be vitally important for productivity but it will also be as vital to ensure interaction and collaboration of both a social and work setting. Set expectations around remote working, even on a short-term basis. This would include defining which tools and platforms to use, how to use them and defining practises that are necessary for your business continuity. To assist our employees that are not used to working from home. We have Scheduled regular check ins with our team to ensure everyone can openly and honestly share successes and challenges. We have encouraged one-on-one coaching and establish a support network or mentoring system for our employees. We set clear priorities and expectations of roles within our team. We have assigned clear ownership, deliverables and timelines, but also placed trust in our employees that once work targets are set, they’ll have the flexibility to operate in the way that suits them best. We have introduced a democratic and proactive culture as part of our remote working initiatives. We also Encouraged employees to challenge the status quo and suggest ways of doing things differently. We have asked our team to come up with ways to efficiently enhance communication. Best of all we are building a culture that welcomes change here at Pest-A- Tac Ltd.


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