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rodents in ireland

When speaking of rodents in Ireland, one would assume a mouse or a rat. However, this conclusion is incorrect. In Ireland today we have many rodent species. Irelands rodent species range from The Red Squirrel, Grey Squirrel, Bank Vole, House Mouse, Wood Mouse, Brown Rat, Black Rat, The Pygmy Shrew, Bank Voles, The Greater White Toothed Shrew, Mink and Stoats just to name a few of the most commonly found. And just to mention Bats, Ireland being a host to these amazing creatures. Bats are a protected species throughout Ireland, I will do another blog in the near future on Bats so watch this space.

The control and elimination of target rodent species is crucially important to the health and safety of public hosting premises or food production premises. Environmental health officers have the legal power to deal with infested premises or lands. However, the responsibility to rid a premises of any target species lies solely on the occupier of the property.

We recommend that you empty waste food and other edible waste into external bins with tight fitting lids, Leaving no access for birds or rodents. Food for birds should never be left in a space where mice and rats can gain access to it and remember rodents can climb as well. If using a compost bin, it is recommended that they are not situated near your home or contain anything likely to attract rodents. The dwellings of your property must be kept clean and tidy, contain little coverage for rodents to hide and nest. Accumulations of hedging and overgrowth should not happen, grooming of the surrounding grass, hedges, shrubs etc should be neatly trimmed.

Some pointers for the building itself, all sides of the building should be rodent proof, meaning no access points existing for rodents alike. Openings for pipes and cables (waste, water, oil, phone, heating etc) should be all very well sealed, expanding foam is not a great solution, steel wool followed by cement is the best result for known rodent access points. The ends of doors should contain bristle brushes to prevent rodent entry. Drainage areas and manholes to be maintained regularly with no build up of water or waste in the area. As a householder this is your sole responsibility, however the help of an accredited pest controller can be very beneficial proving great knowledge and experience. This is topical to all areas of Ireland, including the Munster areas Cork, Clare, Kerry, Tipperary, Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny and Limerick.

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